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Our Services

Licensing & technical due diligence

Initial identification, site survey and selection, through to full planning permission, obtaining all necessary permits and satisfying grid connection agreements


A dedicated EPC team of engineers and project managers are responsible for plant engineering and construction, equipment procurement, quality control and project supervision.


Access to a variety of financing sources provides for cost effective, tailored funding solutions for projects. Secure project equity and debt financing from third party investors.


On-site dedicated O&M team of more than hundred engineers takes charge of 0peration and maintenance for all completed solar power plants. Off-site remote O&M control system ensures visualized intelligent management of solar parks.

Revenue recognition

Sell electricity to national grid or end users to recognize revenue.

Asset Management

Through 100% ownership approach of solar power plant assets, our main objective is to maximize shareholders values through best practice operations, active commercial and technical management of power plants to improve long-term profits and reduce operational risks.

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We deeply understand this facility and we make the best from our big experience

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We strongly invest on technology for your best investment


we strongly focus on developing our projects that brings profit for investors


We guarantee for your investment, your deposit as long as your profit


It’s the best thing we have from headers to staffs, we proud so much.

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Featured Investment Package

BRONZE: $100

Receive: 1%/day
Equal to: 1 usd/day
Total profit: 220 usd

SILVER: $500

Receive: 1.5%/day
Equal to: 7.5 usd/day
Total profit: 1,250 usd

GOLD: $1000

Receive: 2.5%/day
Equal to: 25 usd/day
Total profit: 2,500 usd


Receive: 3%/day
Equal to: 90 usd/day
Total profit: 6,750 usd

RUBY: $5000

Receive: 4%/day
Equal to: 200 usd/day
Total profit: 13,000 usd

DIAMOND: $10,000

Receive: 5%/day
Equal to: 500 usd/day
Total profit: 25,000 usd

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